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Release 2, Point Release 1

The purpose of R2.1 (First point release for Release 2), is to address defects encountered during the last load test on December 11th, 2013, address defects prioritized as "must fix" by the Product Readiness Review (PRR) Panel, and to switch the database over to PostgreSQL, which was identified originally as an R3 Milestone but promoted to R2.1 to avoid having to perform a database migration effort.

4. Schedule

The original planned schedule for 2.1 was January 30th, 2014. Due to a defect in the glider dataset agent drivers, the release was delayed until the issue was resolved and officially released on February 3rd.

Release Content

The release is made up of the following:

Test Plan

The release was tested over one and a half week period starting on January 27th. The following test plan was used:

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