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Release 2, Point Release 2

The purpose of R2.2 (Second point release for Release 2), is to address important defects encountered since the last point release and to integrate/release new Marine Integration Dataset Agent Drivers and Data Product Algorithms that have completed the MI Integration steps for the Pioneer deployment.

This point release has lived far longer than it initially was supposed to (point release 2.3 was supposed to occur in May 2014) and has actually encompassed several formal releases (2.2.1 - 2.2.4 and beyond).  This page is now getting outdated and it is becoming hard to track all of the bug fixes and testing for each release. 


The planned schedule for 2.2 is phased, with the expectation that the first phase is available on March 17th, 2014 for CG to test with and the 2nd phase is available on March 28, 2014. NOTE: After delays and issues, the first phase was released to on April 8th, 2014 with the second phase now targeted for April 18th.  (NOTE: this schedule info is very out-of-date.  please see this page for more accurate schedule information).

Release Content

The release is planned to include the following defect fixes, which are grouped into the issues that were in each sub-release.

Issues in release 2.2.4:



Issues in release 2.2.3:

this release had no system issues that were address, only bug fixes and enhancements to the configuration tools.

Issues in release 2.2.2 and earlier:

NOTE: we can not deploy this release to ooinet without the fix for OOIION-1749 due to the fact that every restart adds another complete set of data to the system.

And the following MI Dataset Agent Drivers for Pioneer (NOTE: The first 3 will be part of the March 17th interim-release and the rest will be part of the March 28th final-release)

First 2.2 interim-release:

  • [Pioneer FLORT_KN]
  • [Pioneer PARAD_K]
  • [Pioneer WFP_ENG]

Final 2.2 release:

  • [Pioneer CTDPF_CKL]
  • [Pioneer DOFST_K]
  • [Pioneer VEL3D-K]
  • [Pioneer ADCPT_S]
  • [Pioneer CG-STC-eng] (Note: Includes the [MOPAK] and [RTE] driver data streams)

See release notes:

Test Plan

The release will be tested over a week period starting February 24th. The following test plan will be used:

Specific R2.2 Integration and Test Tasks

For R2 to be successful, the following integration and test tasks must be performed:

Priority tasks are in bold
DAD = Dataset Agent Driver, and DPA = Data Product Algorithm
  • Need full set of Pioneer Resources loaded by incremental preload and Calibration Coefficients applied to appropriate data products/coverages and then the Pioneer agents launched and verify the data is loaded properly in ion-alpha. (Tim, Jamie). This requires:
    • Figure out how to incrementally load Pioneer resources into the system. Art needs this for initial integration of Pioneer DADs (Art, Michael) (DONE)
    • Figure out how to load calibration coefficients into the system in a reasonably scripted way. Art also needs this for initial integration of Pioneer DPAs (Art, Jamie, Luke) (DONE)
    • Figure out how to script the configuration and execution of all Pioneer DADs. Art will need this for initial integration testing of DADs and DPAs (Michael, Art, Jamie) (DONE)
  • Need to figure out how to load the 2 new, soon to be deployed, WPF platforms/devices into the system and provide the CCs for them (if needed). (Tim, Jamie, Michael). This includes: (DONE)** A way (new preload scenario?) to load the 2 new platforms and all associated resources into the ion-alpha system. (Tim, Jamie, Michael) (DONE)** Figure out how to configure and load the calibration coefficients for the new set of devices into the system (Jamie) (DONE)** Figure out how to configure and execute all of the new DADs for the new WFP deployments (Jamie, Michael) (DONE)** Test out activating the new deployment as primary (Jamie) (DONE)
  • Prepare the test plan for 2.2 work - both testing/verification of the fixed bugs as well as testing Pioneer DADs (Roger) (DONE)
  • Test Dave's perf fix and Emily's Glider DAD fixes on R2.2 ion-alpha. (Tim, Jamie) This Requires: (DONE)** Documented performance tests to run (Tim) (DONE)** Execute performance tests with existing ion-alpha system (Tim) (DONE)** Build and launch ion-alpha with latest R2.2 bug fixes (Jamie) (DONE)** Execute performance tests with new ion-alpha system - Verification of 1386 (Tim) (DONE)** Verify new drivers don't create new copy of data - Verification of 1749 (Tim) (DONE)
  • Execute R2.2 test plan with all bug fixes and 3 initial DADs on ion-alpha (Bill) (DONE)
  • Deploy verified bug fixes and first 3 integrated and tested Pioneer DADs (and algorithms) to R2.2 ion-alpha by 3/17 for MIO Testing (Tim, Jamie, and Integration Team) (DONE)
  • Execute R2.2 test plan with any additional bug fixes and all Pioneer DADs (3 original and 7 new) on ion-alpha (Bill) (DONE)
  • Deploy 5 additional integrated and tested Pioneer DADs (and algorithms) to R2.2 ion-alpha for Internal Testing (Tim, Jamie, and integration Team) (Remaining)
  • Deploy tested and verified R2.2 and 5 new Pioneer DADs to R2 ooinet operational system (Tim, Jamie, and integration Team) (Remaining)
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