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  • In VirtualBox Manager, select the VM and open Settings.
  • In the Storage tab, find your virtual hard disk location by selecting the item under Controller:SATA
    • Usually named CENTOS-disk1.vmdk
    • Location similar to: /Users/<user name>/VirtualBox VMs/CENTOS_1/
  • Navigate to this location in terminal
  • Copy and reformat .vmdk to .vdi
  • Resize the vdi file, using ~50GB.
  • Back in VirtualBox Manager Storage settings, right-click old vmdk file -> Remove Attachment
  • Right-click Controller:SATA -> Add Hard Disk, Choose existing disk, select the new vdi file
  • Start the VM and open a terminal with root permissions.
  • Get the logical volume mapping, ie. /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_root
  • Verify filesystem resides on the secondary partition.
  • Run fdisk, delete partition, create new partition, and reboot.
  • After reboot, open another terminal with root permissions.
  • Resize physical volume, verify new size, extend logical volume to all free space, resize file system, and verify newly sized volume.
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