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OOI CI Prototype: Semantic Framework

Overview Graphic


The Semantic Prototype for the OOI Cyberinfrastructure, developed September-December 2009, will demonstrate a number of end-to-end operations and capabilities that can semantically enable the OOI. The meaning of the concepts used in these operations can be understood by OOI System Components. These concepts will be captured in a systematic way which will allow OOI systems to use the shared concepts in communication.

The selected semantic prototype will examine an existing collection of data sets, which are already well structured and metadata-enabled, identifying semantic content that can be exploited and improved for OOI application. Once suitable semantic content is identified, further semantic development will be performed to create reference vocabularies, incorporate them into repositories, and use them to enable semantic solutions with the original data sets.

The semantically enabled end user solutions will include search capabilities, automatic semantic indexing of data sets, workflows for modifying existing reference vocabularies, evaluation and tagging of data sets, and validation of existing content for conformity with specifications.

Technology investigations/implementations will include semantic wiki evaluation, ontology repository integration and enhancement, reference vocabulary research, and ebRIM catalog solutions. Also, the semantic technologies of the Virtual Solar Terrestrial Observatory will be instantiated with and applied to oceanographic data sets.


The prototype will begin development September 1, 2009 and continue through the end of the year.


  • John Graybeal (lead), UCSD
  • Luis Bermudez (co-lead), SURA
  • Peter Fox (principal), RPI
  • Ilya Zaslavsky (principal), UCSD
  • Carlos Rueda (developer), MBARI
  • Matthew Rodrigez (developer), UCSD
  • Michael Meisinger (architect), UCSD
  • Roger Unwin (developer), UCSD
  • Stephan Zednik (developer), RPI
  • Zhenning Shangguan (developer), RPI
  • Patrick West (developer), RPI
  • Baoije Iowa (developer), RPI

A presentation made on November 11 about this activity can be found in PDF here.

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