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This is the home page for the OOI CI Sensing and Acquisition (S&A) subsystem Integrated Product Team. This subsystem is constructed in Releases 1 through 3 of OOI CI construction.

Welcome to the Sensing and Acquisition Subsystem Page


Name Org Status Role Area of Work
Fisher, Carolanne   active/part time UX Representative  
Hunter, Edward UCSD active Application Integrator  
Katz, Ian MIT active Developer  
Headley, Kent MBARI active/part time Designer  
Herlien, Bob MBARI active/part time Designer  
Manning, Maurice UCSD active/part time Lead Architect Architecture team representative
Meisinger, Michael UCSD active/part time Architect support architect, system interfaces
O'Reilly, Tom MBARI active/part time Designer  
Rueda, Carlos MBARI active/part time Developer is on loan to the S&A team from the Data Management team
Schlining, Brian MBARI active/part time Developer data processing

Other members of the MBARI team are nominally on the DM team as design experts, but may be made available for consultation. These include Duane Edgington and Kevin Gomes.


The Sensing and Acquisition subsystem is responsible for observing activities (i.e., scheduling, collecting, processing) associated with sensor data acquisition, and for creating and managing sensor network environments (the software that interfaces sensors to the network and each other) . The subsystem provides functionality to access, control, modify, monitor, and document the complete operational life cycle of all instruments within the OOI domain of responsibility.

Subsystem Objectives

Release 1 Objectives

  • Basic instrument integration and management support
  • Work with IPAA team on instrument agent architecture

Release 2 Objectives

(see also R2 SA Construction Plan)

  • Consolidate the Instrument and Platform Agent architecture
    • Define a hierarchy of sensors, instruments, and platforms and establish a consolidated architecture for instrument and platform agents.
  • Work closely with the Marine Observatories on instrument and platform integration
    • Solicit input from Marine Observatories for experience, input, and user experience related to consolidation of instruments and platforms (objective of IMS, above).
    • Present advantages of OGC PUCK protocol to Marine Observatories as an automatic mechanism for instrument identification, integration and operation.
  • Integrate instrument agents with S&A instrument and observatory management services
    • Provide for management of instrument participation in the OOI network (including lifecycle activities of planning, developing, testing, deployment, and decommissioning).
    • Provide for management of instrument operation in the OOI network.
  • Support the full life cycle of instruments, from planning to development, testing, deployment and then operation
  • Define the standard metadata and data conventions and structures for OOI data acquisition
    • Define and prototype functionality for accessing the raw communications abilities of an instrument.
    • Define and prototype functionality for access control, dissemination, and persistence (work with CEI team) of raw and processed instrument data.
    • Define standard common metadata and data conventions and standards by reviewing properties and parameters of the priority instruments.
    • Determine and enumerate metadata and data outputs unique to each of the priority instruments.
  • Provide ability to register an instrument in OOI-CI ION, use services that support the events, command instruments, get data, and deliver data and metadata all the way to the end user, via user interface that gives users necessary interface to talk to the instrument and to allow direct instrument interface.
  • Initial establishment of a marine observatory as separate domain of authority (facility), with defined policy and aggregated views of all assets and their state of health
  • Generate data products from sensors (and external data sources)
    • Work closely with DM to define a data acquisition standard pipeline, supporting incremental, out-of-order and versioned dataset modifications
    • Work closely with DM and CEI to define a data transformation capability
    • Define the basic attributes of OOI and general data products and make them accessible to end users
    • Work closely with UX and the "OOI Data Management group" on the production of core OOI data products
  • Demonstrate OGC PUCK protocol as an automatic mechanism for instrument identification, integration, and operation

Release 3 Objectives

(to be provided)

Working Areas



Release 1

The Workshops section of this wiki contains the requirements materials for the S&A subsystem. This includes an extensive set of materials and analysis; in particular note the Task List Refinement for Release 1 Sensing and Acquisition Services page, which contains a detailed analysis/summary of dependencies.

Release 2

The finalized iteration task plan (13 May) for Sensing and Acquisition is here. The evolving list of tasks is on this google docs spreadsheet.

Release 3

The evolving list of tasks is at this google docs spreadsheet

Architecture and Design

The System Engineering section of this wiki contains the architectural materials for the S&A subsystem. Also check for some useful links.

Development and Implementation

Release 1

Release 2

Workshop Proposals

PageWorkshop TopicTotal DaysCoordinator Name Key External AttendeesPoster
Workshop on Data Product Generation and VersioningData Product Generation and Versioning2Maurice ManningTBDMaurice Manning
Workshop Proposal on DCL Platform Integration1Alon YaariMichael Meisinger
Workshop Proposal on Instrument and Platform Specs with Marine IOsMarine IO - Instruments and Platform specifications1.5Alan ChaveRSN, CGSNArjuna Balasuriya
Workshop Proposal on Instrument Driver Development ExpectationsInstrument Driver Development Expectations and Prioritization1Arjuna BalasuriyaTBDAlon Yaari
Workshop Proposal on Observatory and instrument user expectationsObservatory and Instrument user groups1Arjuna BalasuriyaESONET, NEPTUNE Canada, RSN, CGSNArjuna Balasuriya

Release 3


Quick Links

SA Architecture
SA Overview
Construction Plans: R2, R3


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