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Collaborate with Org member offering a resource


Actors 2 User Roles of any type (referred to here as 'Member')
References Federated Facility Services
Dependencies Enroll in an Org, Conduct Negotiation
Notes In the simplest case, the Org is the Integrated Observatory Network.
Version 0.8
Last Updated Jun 30, 2010

Scenario for "Share an Org Resource" Use Case

  1. An Org's enrollment contract specifies that a Member contributing a resource commits to responding to negotiations from other Members regarding that resource.
  2. A resource owning Member of that Org, who wishes to offer a resource for the benefit of the rest of the Org, may contribute, or make available, the resource to the Org.
    1. This process does not mean giving up control of the resource. (Such is possible, but then the ownership of the resource passes to another entity.)
  3. The Org registers and maintains a listing of all contributed resources.
  4. A Member consults the Org, and finds a contributed resource of interest.
  5. The requesting and owning Members successfully negotiate use of the resource.


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