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Overview of "Produce Matlab Visualization" Use Case

Use Matlab or compatible software in workflow to create visualization product.

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Refer to the Product Description and Product Description Release 2 pages for metadata definitions.

Actors Data Process Programmer Data Process Operator
Uses UC.R2.17 Define Visualization Processing Pipeline
UC.R2.51 Define Execution Engine
Is Used By  
Extends UC.R2.18 Visualize Data Product
Is Extended By  
In Acceptance Scenarios AS.R2.04A Data Product Leads Drive Core Data Product Creation
Technical Notes  
Lead Team AS
Primary Service Data Analysis & Visualization Services Part 1
Version 2.1.1
UC Priority 2
UC Status Mapped + Ready
UX Exposure EUC


This information summarizes the Use Case functionality.

As a specialized visualization workflow and data processing pipeline, pass the data to be visualized to a Matlab or equivalent execution engine. The execution engine uses Matlab commands to create the resulting visualization, and registers the resulting product as an Integrated Observatory resource (storing it in the system). The visualization's existence can be verified by retrieving it, using an appropriate viewer to open it and display it to users.


  • A Matlab or compatible execution engine is up and running, ready to create the visualization. (Implies licensing issues have been addressed so as to permit the Matlab engine to be run in this way, or that a substitute has been found.)
  • A Matlab-compatible visualization processing pipeline definition exists as described in UC.R2.17 Define Visualization Processing Pipeline.

Initial State

Data to be visualized are available, and script controlling the visualization is executing.

Scenario for "Produce Matlab Visualization" Use Case

  1. Data Process Programmer creates Matlab-compatible Execution Engine.
    1. See UC.R2.51 Define Execution Engine
    2. This requires solving the licensing issue or finding a compatible piece of software
  2. Data Process Programmer creates Matlab-compatible Visualization Processing Pipeline.
    1. See UC.R2.17 Define Visualization Processing Pipeline
  3. Data Process Operator defines data product visualization to be performed, using Matlab-compatible commands.
    1. See UC.R2.18 Visualize Data Product
  4. (Variant 1) Data Process Operator chooses one time data product visualization, and the system provides the generated visualization (Use Case ends).
    1. See UC.R2.18 Visualize Data Product
  5. (Variant 2) Data Analyst schedules a recurring data product visualization, configuring parameters and metadata appropriately.
    1. See UC.R2.18 Visualize Data Product
  6. Integrated Observatory routinely executes the Matlab visualization process.
    1. See UC.R2.18 Visualize Data Product

Final State

The desired visualization product is generated one time, or as scheduled, using Matlab-compatible engine.


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