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Overview of "Enroll in an Org" Use Case

Enter as a member into an Organization, with an agreed role(Org)

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Refer to the Product Description and Product Description Release 2 pages for metadata definitions.

Actors Registered User, Org
References Federated Facility Services
JESS Rules Engine
UC.R1.33 Enroll in an Org
Uses UC.R2.32 Conduct Negotiation
Is Used By  
Is Extended By  
In Acceptance Scenarios AS.R2.01A Operate Marine Observatory, AS.R2.01B Define Marine Observatory Policies
Technical Notes The enrollment requires the new member agree to a contract, or role.
Lead Team COI
Primary Service Federated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 1
Version 1.2.1
UC Priority 4
UC Status Mapped + Ready
UX Exposure ONC


This information summarizes the Use Case functionality.

An Org scopes the interaction of its members and enforces its policy in administration of the group. An agent (for some entity) joins the Org by negotiating a membership with the Org agent, and realizing a contract: this is effectively how a role is assigned to a user or other agent. An Org agent wields the power to subject its members to penalty or sanction in the case of a breach of a clause in the contract. We enable this by crafting an Org role that may be adopted by the agent.


  • In this release, the described negotiation may be hard-coded for a constrained request-propose-accept sequence.
  • Issues of identity management are not addressed in this use case, as the entity is assumed to be OOI-registered before applying. (Release 3 will support enrollment of external identities.)

Initial State

An entity registered with OOI wants to have a membership and role with a to-be-identified Org.

Scenario for "Enroll in an Org" Use Case

  1. An OOI-registered entity finds an Org with which its interests align.
    1. The OOI entity can be any entity in OOI represented by an Agent. In this release it is assumed to be a Registered User.
    2. The Org initially must be in OOI, but this can be generalized to other systems in later releases.
  2. (Optional) The OOI entity requests its enrollment in the Org.
    1. For example, a registered user may be requesting a particular role in an existing Org.
    2. This step is optional because the Org may initiate the negotiation.
  3. The OOI entity (member-to-be) and the Org negotiate the entity's membership in the Org.
    1. Negotiation can be conducted automatically according to the Conduct Negotiation use case. The start of the negotiation is for the Org to make a proposal.
    2. The terms of the negotiation correspond to the specification of an Org role façade (presented elsewhere).*

Final State

Entity is in the Org with the desired membership, or has not reached that result for mutually understood reasons.


These comments provide additional context (usually quite technical) for editors of the use case.

Member is a part of the Organization.

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