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Overview of "Share Affiliated Orgs' Resources" Use Case

Orgs form a contract to allow resource sharing (Deprecated)

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Refer to the Product Description and Product Description Release 2 pages for metadata definitions.

Actors Org, Member (Registered User)
References Federated Facility Services
UC.R1.35 Share Affiliated Orgs' Resources
Uses UC.R2.33 Enroll in an Org
UC.R2.34 Share an Org Resource
UC.R2.32 Conduct Negotiation
Is Used By  
Is Extended By  
In Acceptance Scenarios AS.R2.03A Modelers Integrate External Model with OOI
Technical Notes Resource sharing may be mutual or unidirectional
Lead Team COI
Primary Service Federated Facility Services (Virtual Organization) Part 1
Version 1.2.1
UC Priority 1
UC Status Deprecated
UX Exposure ONC


This information summarizes the Use Case functionality.

An Org (or a member in that Org) discovers data is available in another Org, and wants to obtain access to it. The first Org therefore negotiates an affiliation with the Org holding the data, allowing members of the first Org to have access to material provided by members in the second Org. A member in the first Org can now request resources from the domain of authority of an affiliated org, and have them supplied under the terms of the affiliation.


  • The two Orgs exist and are known to each other.

Initial State

An Org (possibly representing a member) discovers data available in another Org, and wants to obtain access to it.

Scenario for "Share Affiliated Orgs' Resources" Use Case

  1. An Org (OrgA) wishes to obtain access to certain resources for the benefit of its Members.
  2. OrgA discovers the desired resources are available in another Org (OrgB).
    1. The discovery will be made through OOI.
  3. OrgA and OrgB negotiate terms for their affiliation.
    1. These terms follow the pattern for affiliation in the OOI (described elsewhere).
    2. Under the affiliation, a Member of OrgA or OrgB may discover, and negotiate to use, resources contributed to the affiliated organization (OrgB or OrgA, respectively).
  4. A Member in the resource-using Org seeks resources, and finds them offered by a Member in the resource-providing Org.
  5. The resource-requesting Member requests the resources from the resource-offering Member.
  6. The negotiation for the use of the resources is mediated by the existing agreement between the Orgs, and use is granted.

Final State

The Org has obtained access to data in another Org.


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  1. Apr 19, 2012

    John Graybeal says:

    Consider deleting this use case for R2?

    Consider deleting this use case for R2?