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Overview of "Configure Start Page" Use Case

Configure user's initial web page for accessing ION

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Refer to the Product Description and Product Description Release 2 pages for metadata definitions.

Actors Registered User
References UC.R1.27 Configure Access Page
Is Used By  
Is Extended By  
In Acceptance Scenarios AS.R2.01A Operate Marine Observatory, AS.R2.01C Operate Integrated Observatory Network
Technical Notes  
Lead Team UX
Primary Service User Workflow, Interaction, and Visual Design
Version 1.0
UC Priority 4
UC Status Mapped + Ready
UX Exposure EUC


This information summarizes the Use Case functionality.

A user logs in to the Integrated Observatory and is presented with a start page ('myION' or equivalent). It has a default layout of content, components, and widgets, which is configurable by the user via various following options. User can make changes using any of the available options. The user can save these changes, so that when the user logs out and back in, and the changes are restored. If the user logs out without saving changes, the user will be prompted to ask whether to save the changes.


  • The use case makes several assumptions about the way that user interfaces are architected. If these assumptions are not valid, the actual steps may be quite different.

Initial State

Registered User is on his or her preferred home page for the Integrated Observatory.

Scenario for "Configure Start Page" Use Case

The following scenario has been brought forward from Release 1, and edited significantly at this point.

  1. Registered User visits his or her start page for Integrated Observatory.
  2. Registered User requests changes to layout of this page.
    1. Integrated Observatory presents tools that allow changes to be made.
    2. See Comments for list of proposed options/meta-options.
  3. Registered User saves changes, either via command or when prompted on logout.
  4. Registered User is returned to new view of his or her start page for the Integrated Observatory.

Final State

User changes to user interface have been made, saved, and restored on login.


These comments provide additional context (usually quite technical) for editors of the use case.

The ideal list of supported change operations includes:

  • change landing page
  • resize frames
  • delete (hide) widgets
  • add widgets
  • customize look and feel and content options of a specific widget
  • customize look and feel of entire display
  • undo
  • redo
  • save changes to page view
  • reset to default
  • reset to start of session.

The configuration is ideally associated with the user role, rather than the user ID. (A user may have multiple roles, with a setup appropriate for each.) This is likely to be an R3 capability.

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