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Overview of "Reacquire External Data" Use Case

Re-obtain data requested by user but no longer in ION

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Refer to the Product Description and Product Description Release 2 pages for metadata definitions.

Actors Anonymous Guest
Uses UC.R2.01 Acquire Data From External Dataset
Is Used By  
Is Extended By  
In Acceptance Scenarios None
Technical Notes  
Lead Team EOI
Primary Service IOOS Integration Package 2
Version 1.1.1
UC Priority 3
UC Status Mapped + Ready
UX Exposure EUC


This information summarizes the Use Case functionality.

User makes a request for data that is no longer in the system (been dropped from the back-end of the data cache). The request is submitted to the External Data Provider via the appropriate Data Agent and the returned data is transformed (if necessary), added into the data cache, and returned to the user.


  • Integrated Observatory keeps the catalog metadata for all the data that has passed through its portals.
  • Original data provider is still online at original location.

Initial State

User has a unique identifier for, or finds in a catalog, external data that is no longer in the ION system.

Scenario for "Reacquire External Data" Use Case

  1. Any OOI user requests externally originated data that is no longer maintained in the Integrated Observatory system.
    1. This would be data from an external provider that ION has dropped from its cache.
  2. Integrated Observatory system uses metadata about the data's original provider to re-request the data from that provider.
  3. Data is reacquired from the data provider and ingested into the system.
    1. If the data provider doesn't have that data any more, an error results.
  4. Upon completion of ingestion, Integrated Observatory routes the data to the requesting user.
    1. Possibly should occur as ingestion proceeds, rather than upon completion.

Final State

Data has been retrieved from original source (if still available) and routed to user.


These comments provide additional context (usually quite technical) for editors of the use case.

This is a case where, aside from caching the data for a little while per our caching policy) the data is really a "flow through" — we're essentially just reposting the request to the originator and funneling the reply back to the user.

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