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Summary of "Support marine communications network status reporting" Use Case

Obtain and present data about the status of the marine communications network


Refer to the Product Description and Product Description Release 3 pages for metadata definitions.

Actors Observatory Operator, Registered User
Lead Team  
Service Group  
Version 0.4
UC Priority 3
UC Status Draft
UX Exposure end user

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Marine Operators enter information about the configuration of the communications network, and the Integrated Observatory presents this configuration. Working with the Marine Assets, the Integrated Observatory collects and displays information appropriate to simplify troubleshooting of the communications network.


  • The same activities will be valid for intermittently connected and mobile network segments.

Scenario for "Support marine communications network status reporting" Use Case

  1. A Marine Operator describes in the Integrated Observatory a change to the marine network communication path.
  2. A Marine Operator or any Registered User browses to textual and visual representations of the new marine network configuration.
  3. The Integrated Observatory collects data from each marine network node about network traffic.
  4. The Integrated Observatory calculates operational status and utilization statistics for each network segment.
  5. The Integrated Observatory issues events for any change in operational status of a network segment.
  6. A Registered User views the status of each marine network segment on both textual and visual representations.
  7. A Registered User views the utilization of each marine network segment on both textual and visual representations.
  8. A Marine Operator sets error and warning ranges for utilization of a given network segment.
  9. When a network segment's utilization goes into a different range (error, warning, or nominal), the Integrated Observatory issues an appropriate event.
  10. A Registered User reviews present and historical information (connection history, raw data, status, and utilization history) about any given network segment.


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