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Summary of "Describe physical samples and analyses" Use Case

Characterize OOI-obtained physical samples, and their analyses, in an organized way


Refer to the Product Description and Product Description Release 3 pages for metadata definitions.

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Version 0.3
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The Integrated Observatory provides for the integration of metadata and post-sampling analyses of physical samples. Metadata about sample collection is stored by the Integrated Observatory. Measurements of the samples are made in-situ by deployed instruments, or after sample recovery; these may be recorded as data products and associated with the sample, or merely attached to the sample. Information that is collected is indexed to the sample which it describes, and can be viewed for each sample.


  • All samples are worthy of registration with SESAR, the System for Earth Sample Registration.

Scenario for "Describe physical samples and analyses" Use Case

  1. The Instrument Agent registers the sample as it is collected, giving it a new Integrated Observatory identifier.
  2. The agents for instruments collecting physical samples mark the sample time, or sample interval, using events.
  3. The Integrated Observatory obtains an International Geo Sample Number (IGSN) for the sample.
  4. An instrument measuring the sample may report its data to the Integrated Observatory through an Instrument Agent (if in-situ) or a Data Agent (if offline), if an appropriate Agent exists for the instrument or data.
  5. An instrument measuring the sample after its collection may generate an analysis document, which a Resource Manager associates with the sample as an attachment.
  6. Any user can see all samples obtained from a deployment listed on a web page.
  7. Any user can search for a sample based on its Integrated Observatory identifier, its IGSN, or its associated metadata (e.g., time and location of collection, associated deployment).
  8. Any user can see all the information the Integrated Observatory knows about a sample on that sample's web page.


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