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Download git repo:

Create YAML files:

Create one file for recovered validation and one for telemetered validation

File Location:


File Format:

instrument: xxx -> needs to be a unique name follow naming convention instrument_series_datatype
resource: com.raytheon.uf.edex.ooi.decoder.dataset/utility/edex_static/base/ooi/parsers/mi_dataset/driver/<path/to/resource/files>
endpoint: xxx ->  found in the ooi/edex/com.raytheon.uf.edex.ooi.decoder.dataset_spring/res/spring/ooi-xxx-decode.xml
pairs: [[input_file1, expected_results1],[input_file2, expected_results2]]  -> list of paired files, first item is the data being ingested, second item is the expected results


To run:

Tool will run all YAML files in the directory and output the validation results at the end

1. Start edex_server in a separate terminal

2. Run Validate Data Tool

3. Review output of Validate Data Tool

Every time the test tool is run, a directory is created with output log and results:

Fail Example (terminal output)

Pass Example (terminal output)


--If you change any of your input log files or .yml files while testing using validate_dataset tool, you must build and deploy again in Eclipse.  Then reset the database in Edex, followed by a stop/start Edex.

--Errors from Edex that are acceptable and can be ignored:


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