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OOI CI Release 2 Workshop Proposal: CEI additional training


Specify any of the following workshop information that you have an estimate for.

Start Date 2011.08.00
Total Days 1
Proposed Location ,
Proposed Venue  


Briefly describe of the intent of the workshop and the special knowledge of attendees.

The intent of the workshop is to raise the understanding of various technologies on the CEI team. While the team is independent and "autodidactic", a more thorough (and not just need-driven) awareness of technology potential would probably lead to its more agile exploration. OOI-related technologies where a greater skill would be helpful include Scala/Akka (might also be of interest to COI), PyCon, Ruby, and Chef.

Target Deliverables

Indicate what product(s), conclusion(s), or other result(s) should be achieved as a result of the workshop.

The main deliverable is the increased awareness of the potential of those technologies.

Additional Description

Consider whether/how to include other members of the CI team, particularly the architecture team.


Coordinator Name  
Key External Attendees  
Invited External Attendees  
Key OOI CI Attendees  

Participant Details and Status

To the extent you know the status of each participant, you can enter that here.

Status can include message left, confirmed, tentative, declined, participates only on date).

Name Institution Expertise Status

Other Information

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Reading Materials

Workshop Materials


Domain Models

Other Materials


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