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OOI CI Release 2 Workshop Proposal: CEI and DM integration


Specify any of the following workshop information that you have an estimate for.

Start Date 2011.08.00
Total Days 1
Proposed Location San Diego, CA
Proposed Venue  


Briefly describe of the intent of the workshop and the special knowledge of attendees.

The intent of the workshop is to spend a day with the DM folks and make sure that we understand how CEI needs to support DM, in particular as related to non-functional requirements of the system (e.g., understanding what is required and what can go wrong as the data scales). It is critical that this workshop should take place after user workshops proposed earlier, in other words after the requirements have been identified.

Target Deliverables

Indicate what product(s), conclusion(s), or other result(s) should be achieved as a result of the workshop.

I expect the following deliverables:

  • an integration plan for DM and CEI
  • a "scalability analysis" of the system, including at least a preliminary analysis of load over time, weak points of the system, etc.

Additional Description


Coordinator Name Kate Keahey
Key External Attendees  
Invited External Attendees  
Key OOI CI Attendees Tim Freeman and/or John Bresnahan, David Stuebe, Susanne Jul (or somebody who can be referred to for user requirements), Maurice Manning

Participant Details and Status

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Status can include message left, confirmed, tentative, declined, participates only on date).

Name Institution Expertise Status

Other Information

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Reading Materials

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Domain Models

Other Materials


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  1. Jun 08, 2011

    Michael Meisinger says:

    Note that reducing CEI support to DM is an oversimplification. CEI with COI are ...

    Note that reducing CEI support to DM is an oversimplification. CEI with COI are at the lowest level of a layered architecture. DM is on the layer on top, which in turn is used by SA and AS in R2, for instance for data product generation and visualization generation. Also, DM is still an infrastructure subsystem and does not represent users directly. UX is the most user proximate team.