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A marine resource can be assigned to a named site.

Before it can be assigned, the resource must be created in ION. If the resource has not already been created follow the steps listed in Create a New Resource.

Steps below begin from resource's page, click here for details on navigating to the resource to be assigned.

A resource that is assigned on a platform that is already linked to a named site automatically will be considered to be assigned on that site. The only way to change the assigned site in this case is to navigate to the platform on which the resource is assigned and change it there, for details see [CIUserDoc:Change the Site Location].

Step 1: Check that the resource is not already assigned on a named site

If a resource is already assigned on a named site, that site name will appear in the Location block in the Information group.

Step 2: Select Edit from the Location block or Information group menu

Step 3: Select a named site from the Site drop down menu

Step 4: Click on Save from the Location block or Information group menu


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