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The CI Product Management effort dwells in this space.

Table of Contents


What's Here?

This space documents the OOI Cyberinfrastructure product definition (excluding the requirements) and presentation.

Particular Product Management documents are the Product Description (including current Use Cases and Acceptance Scenarios, and the CI Product Specification.

The Product Management space also hosts engagement and adoption strategy development.

The material here includes or references the documents linked above.

The space also includes planning documents, for authorized OOI participants. Please contact the CI Product Manager or if you need access to the planning documents.

What is Product Management?

Product Management can refer to two things: communicating with the users of a software product, to understand what they need and how that affects what's built; and communicating with the developers and engineers to let them know what is needed. These are sometimes referred to as external and internal Product Management roles, and on this project Product Management includes both roles.

For the external role, the Product Management team presents aspects of the planned product — the Integrated Observatory — to initiate and focus the discussion. Feedback from the community identifies missing features, important refinements, and unsuitable aspects of the product. This information may contradict core requirements, but more likely refines the requirements and indicates how to best satisfy them.

For the internal role, the Product Management team describes the system's operations in a way that captures the feedback's key points, using appropriate software engineering abstractions and terminology to make that information most useful to the development team.

The sequence iterates, as the diagram to the right shows. The users' needs are turned into priorities for the system, which in turn guide the strategy for system architecture and development. The strategy is conveyed, both directly (in the product) and indirectly (in documentation and presentation), to maximize the value of the resulting system for its users.

Product Description

The Cyberinfrastructure Product Description (in the CI Development space) represents all the key system and user scenarios for the stakeholders. It describes these elements for each release:

  • themes,
  • target audience,
  • use cases,
  • acceptance scenarios, and
  • architectural overview (very brief).

The head of the Product Description documentation tree may be found at Product Description.

Product Specification

The Product Specification presents the system goals for Release 2 to knowledgeable users. It uses familiar language and perspective, providing a stakeholder's view and describing individual user actions that can be performed.

The document describes what roles can perform different types of actions, and provides raw materials that can be used as the basis of user analyses.

This Product Management space hosts the CI Product Specification.

Engagement and Adoption

The Cyberinfrastructure team works with Ocean Leadership and the Implementing Organizations to maximize the engagement of OOI and external communities with the CI efforts, and the adoption of the resulting Integrated Observatory Network by OOI and external communities.

Product Review Meetings

The CI team is holding 5 Product Review meetings for the Release 2 product.

These meetings are described on the Release 2 Product Reviews page.

Other Engagement and Adoption Work

Other work we are doing in this area is represented at the CI User Engagement and Adoption page.

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