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These steps allow for full access to all of a resource's commands via the terminal emulator interface. For instructions on the use of the ION Command interface with limited command functions see [how to Command via ION interface].
The asset must be commandable and the operator must have the proper permissions to command it. See [CIUserDoc:Request Access Permissions] for instructions on how to request permission to command an asset.

Steps below begin from resource's page, click on either navigating or searching for details on locating the resource to be commanded.

Step 1: Choose Direct Command from the view menu

Choose Direct Command to utilize the terminal emulator interface.

Step 2: Enter commands into the emulator window

Enter commands in the emulator window as necessary.

Step 3: Once commands are complete, close window and proceed to another view

When finished with commanding a resource, click on Exit Direct Command to close window and navigate to another view.


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