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These test scripts are aimed at testing the R2.0 Beta version of the ION system while simultaneously familiarizing the beta test user with current functionality. These scripts list upper level tasks that link to the detailed sub-tasks/steps outlined in the User Documentation. The applicable use cases are listed on the specific script page for reference.

A specific test script is derived from R2.0 use cases and is intended to familiarize the user with functionality as implemented. The test will be performed by a beta test operator, on their own after an introductory Webex session, simulating the steps an OOI Integrated Observatory Network (ION) user would perform.

The discussions are aimed at discussion current functionality, planned enhancements, and future prioritization for design enhancements.

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Session NbrStart DatePageSession TopicsWorksheetPresentation
112/18/2012Session 1 - R2.0 Beta Test - System Setup and OrientationBrowser set up, user documentation, sign in, account creationSession 1 Worksheet
201/09/2013Session 2 - R2.0 Beta Test - Working with Marine ResourcesOOI marine resource preload, commanding marine resource, resource status, event log, user roles, access permissionsSession 2 WorksheetSession 2 Presentation
301/16/2013Session 3 - R2.0 Beta Test - Working with Resources and DataWorking with resources and with data products by interacting with plots and downloading data and attachments.Session 3 WorksheetSession 3 Presentation
401/24/2013Session 4 - R2.0 Beta Test - Review of Findings to Date and Next StepsReview Findings and Next StepsSession 4 Presentation
501/30/2013Session 5 - R2.0 Beta Test - OOI Concepts and Vocabulary MappingsOOI Vocabulary and Concept Mappings Presentation


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