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Meetings for planning CI's Release 3


This page organizes the CI product planning meetings for Release 3.


Designer Kickoff 2012-10-17

The R3 Inception Designer Kickoff meeting will be held at UC San Diego on Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

Design Experts will be at UCSD on various days before and after the meeting, to meet one-on-one with architects and other key team personnel.

Design Experts 2012-08-24


  • Start planning mid-Inception-phase meetings (schedule, content, remote vs collocated)
  • Identification of ongoing issues
  • Subsystem progress targets for LCO

Design Experts 2012-08-10



  • Brief R3 overview
  • R3 preparations and status
  • Tactical readiness for kickoff meeting
  • Questions or concerns
  • Schedule meeting to review kickoff preparations


  • Reviewed references that Design Experts need to know about (see R3 Product Planning References)
  • No kickoff meeting at beginning of Release
  • Kickoff meeting in middle of Inception is to be defined
  • Action Items:
    • All: Describe roadblocks in mail to Matt, or entry in Etherpad, or both.
    • Matt: Responsibility on UCSD side for contracts. He is the primary contact at this time.
    • John: Pursue CASPER/ASPEN software delivery. (In progress)
    • John/all: Schedule meeting to review preparations (8/24, tentatively)
    • John: Complete and post R2/R3/R4 schedule (Done: Schedule for CI Releases - R3 and Context)
    • John: Identify any other action items.

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