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This test script is derived from R2.0 use cases and is intended to familiarize the user with functionality as implemented. The test will be performed by a beta test operator, on their own after an introductory Webex session, simulating the steps an OOI Integrated Observatory Network (ION) user would perform.


Register for a new account and log into ION. Learn about collections, tables, search, and getting help.

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Task User Documentation Page Related Use Case(s)
Set Up, Test Browser, and Access    
Using the User Documentation
User Documentation  
Getting Help via Contact Info
Get Help UC.R2.55
Sign In Sign In UC.R2.39
Establish Individual User Account
Create Account UC.R2.39


Session 1 Initial Results

All testers were successful in getting logged on to the system, and were able to set up accounts and find the User Documentation. We have already made revisions to the User Documentation (most notably making access to helpdesk contact information more ubiquitous), and are still triaging other feedback from both pilot and one-on-one sessions.

The most notable finding from Session 1 was that approximately half of the testers ran into problems with sign in and sign out, mostly having to do with being signed into multiple accounts simultaneously, particularly when using Google for credentialing. We are evaluating what we can do in the short term to reduce complications for beta testers, and expect that the longer term solution will be a combination of design modification and documentation improvements.

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Session Topics Browser set up, user documentation, sign in, account creation
Format Hands-on
Worksheet Session 1 Worksheet
Start Date 12/18/2012
Session Nbr 1


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