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This test script is derived from R2.0 use cases and is intended to familiarize the user with functionality as implemented. The test will be performed by a beta test operator, on their own after an introductory Webex session, simulating the steps an OOI Integrated Observatory Network (ION) user would perform.


Understand preloads from SAF, viewing status information about resources, permissions, commanding a resource, and viewing an event log.

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Task User Documentation Page Related Use Case(s)
Getting Around ION Browsing and Navigating UC.R2.04, UC.R2.26
Understand SAF to ION Preloaded Resources Preloads UC.R2.05, UC.R2.11
Understanding Status Status UC.R2.10, UC.R2.40
Commanding an Instrument ION Command UC.R2.06, UC.R2.46
Viewing an Event Log Recent Events Log UC.R2.14
Understanding User Settings, Roles, and Permissions User Roles UC.R2.11, UC.R2.39

Points To Cover

  • OOI Resource Import and Mapping
  • Timestamps
  • Paucity of status pages
  • Text Search
  • Action Menu


Presentation for Session 2


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Session Topics OOI marine resource preload, commanding marine resource, resource status, event log, user roles, access permissions
Format Hands-on
Presentation Session 2 Presentation
Worksheet Session 2 Worksheet
Start Date 01/09/2013
Session Nbr 2


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