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This test script is derived from R2.0 use cases and is intended to familiarize the user with functionality as implemented. The test will be performed by a beta test operator, on their own after an introductory Webex session, simulating the steps an OOI Integrated Observatory Network (ION) user would perform.


Steps from session 2 are repeated in the script to allow all beta testers the ability to review the command an instrument functions, peruse the user roles and access details, and input on the status page design. In addition, tasks to understand and work with Data Products, including manipulating plots, downloading data, and downloading attachments are included.

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Task User Documentation Page Related Use Case(s)
Command Instrument, Status Page and User Role reviews repeated see Session 2 for individual links
Browse to and Examine a Resource or Data Product Browsing and Navigating UC.R2.04
View Data Product Variables in a Graph Data Products UC.R2.13, UC.R2.14
Download Data in various Formats Download Data UC.R2.04
Manipulate Downloaded Data in a Plot and Export as Image Data Images  
Execute Text Search and Proceed to Facepage from Results Table Search UC.R2.24
Download Attachment Download Attachment  

Points to Cover

  • Action menu in upper right corner to enable Commanding an Instrument
  • When Examining Data Products and Viewing Data
    • Refresh for graph, if it does not automatically display
    • Uncheck driver timestamp to display data correctly
    • Remember this is simulated data so focus review on format rather than content
    • Data graph type input is requested
  • Download command opens an adjacent tab in browser
    • which utilizes the ERDDAP Data Access Form
  • Saving downloads, specific steps will depend on the browser
  • Text Search is a global search,
    • may need to use filter/sort functions


Presentation for Session 3


Functionality Tested / Input Received
  • Status page input
  • Account Settings visible
  • Commanding Instrument
  • Data Graph Input
  • Attachment Download
Recurrent Issues
  • Data Graph Time in UTC
  • Scrolling to Attachment
  • Attachment Filename
  • ERRDAP Image quality

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Session Topics Working with resources and with data products by interacting with plots and downloading data and attachments.
Format Hands-on
Presentation Session 3 Presentation
Worksheet Session 3 Worksheet
Start Date 01/16/2013
Session Nbr 3


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