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The OOI Cyberinfrastructure has a lot going on, and we will benefit from your interest and engagement. This page outlines some basic ways you can get involved.

Please appreciate that as of late 2009, we are at the busiest period of the project. (It is always hard to start a big project like this one!) We may be unable to respond to your interest within a short time span, and we apologize if that happens to you. We will try to keep these pages current about the status of the project, and of collaborative activities and opportunities.

Contact information is provided at the bottom of this page. We expect to respond to some messages personally, but regret that we can not do so in every case.

Getting More Information: Data and Instrument Interfaces

We know you are extremely interested in understanding the interface to the cyberinfrastructure, both for instruments, and for data. We are very interested in providing this data to you!

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to provide this information so early in the project. We should know much more about our interfaces, and schedules for deriving and publishing them, after the Life Cycle Objective review, targeted for mid-February in 2010.

We will provide a broad outline of key information in our CI Frequently Asked Questions page, as time allows.

Getting More Information: Cyberinfrastructure development

We maintain as much of our development documentation as possible on this Confluence site. It may be a little tricky to navigate, and we are continually making adjustments to make that easier. We encourage you to read about the project on these pages, and to let us know how we might improve the site.

You may find the Confluence Site Organization page helpful to find what you're looking for.

Giving Us Feedback

User Feedback

We are very interested in the application of the cyberinfrastructure to the needs of science and educational users. Because our cyberinfrastructure has many pieces, most of them not directly visible to users, it may be tricky to understand and effectively comment on our plans.

If you have read the Workshop reports that address your area of interest and reviewed the defined requirements, you may still have questions. You can send them to the Development Lead, who will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Eventually we will be interested in user testing of various cyberinfrastructure features, but this stage of the program remains well in the future.

Technical Feedback

As a technical specialist (instrument or software developer, model developer, data manager, or science technician), you may have unique insights about some particular piece of our work. We welcome your technical feedback on our activities and designs.

Send us your comments

If you have technical comments while reviewing CI materials, you can just drop us a line. We will provide an email address below for you to direct your CI Technical Feedback to members of the technical team.

Participating in Reviews

If you are interested in a particular Cyberinfrastructure topic or subsystem, and have read and broadly understand some of the related technical materials on this site, you may be willing to serve as an external reviewer for our design teams. We maintain a list of interested volunteers for our major OOI CI reviews, and would be happy to add your name, and contact you if we can use your reviewing help.

To volunteer, send a brief note to the CI Reviewers contact below. Mention your area of interest, and a few lines about your relevant experience.

Testing the Systems

There are likely to be opportunities to "beta test" the Cyberinfrastructure services as they are developed. We will create a way to sign up for such testing, or you can contact the CI System Development Manager if you want more information.

Contributing Your Work

Contributing Code and Content

There may be opportunities to directly contribute software, documentation, or web content to our project. We are still developing ways to support this. If you have a specific contribution in mind, contact the System Development Lead to discuss it.

Other Collaborations

Other opportunities may exist to work with us to co-develop solutions, to collaborate on an aligned project. Please contact the CI System Development Manager with your ideas or questions.


  • CI System Development Manager: John Graybeal,
  • CI Technical Feedback: John Graybeal,
  • CI Reviewers: John Graybeal,
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