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This OOI site supports all of the OOI project, including the Cyberinfrastructure development activities. The Cyberinfrastructure team has a number of spaces; this CI Public Space provides a view into the CI technical materials. The CI team has a temporary site that is directed at the general public (rather than the more technical development material on this OOI site); you can find it at

You can click on the 'Dashboard' link at upper left to see more technical wikis about other parts of the project, or learn more about the site.

Video Presentations

Ocean Observing: Oceanography in the 21st Century

Cyberinfastructure Participation

See the CI Participation Page

Do you want to be a part of the CI development activity? Are you interested in a specific part of the Cyberinfrastructure? Just want to learn more?

If you want to follow the project more closely, or volunteer to help, please visit our CI Participation Page to learn more. We are at the beginning of a large and challenging project, and we are still working out collaborative opportunities and approaches. Your input is most welcome.

CI-Related Documents (per Final Network Design)

These documents are kept under configuration control on the OOI Alfresco document system, which is not accessible to the general public as of this writing. The OOI project is working to make that repository more available.

The OOI Final Network Design identifies these as CI-related documents, and we have posted or linked to them here so as to make them publicly accessible.

Note these may not be the most current documents at any given time. If you will be working with the CI team and its documents, you are encouraged to contact us for permission to access the Alfresco site content.



  • Oceans 09 Biloxi. IEEE/MTS meeting, Oct 27-29 2009 in Biloxi, MS. Presentations and papers
  • Oceans 11 Kona. IEEE/MTS meeting, Sept 20-22 2011 in Kona, HI. Presentations and papers

List of Publications

See Publications page.

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