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This site contains pages and documents created for the Ocean Observatories Initiative, a major multi-year project funded by the National Science Foundation.

In the upper left you can see the hierarchy for this page, starting with Dashboard. The Dashboard is the home for the Confluence site, and lists all the OOI spaces in this Confluence site.

The OOI Confluence Site

The OOI project, and its leadership at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, maintains a number of spaces on this site, some of which are available to the public. Many of these spaces are under construction, but you may want to start at the [OOI public space].

The OOI Cyberinfrastructure Confluence Site

The OOI Cyberinfrastructure part of the site has several major subsections. Almost all of this material is publicly available; if you find a link that is password-protected, please let us know if you want permission to see the materials.

The CI Workshops, Engineering, and Development spaces make up the core location for Cyberinfrastructure development activity at this time. Within those spaces, work is organized into the major subsystems for the Cyberinfrastructure. These are:

  • Common Operating Infrastructure
  • Common Executing Infrastructure
  • Data Management (includes both 'internal data' management, and science data management)
  • Sensing and Acquisition
  • Planning and Prosecution
  • Analysis and Synthesis

You can learn more about these subsystems in the documents that are referenced from the CI Public Space.

Each of the subsystem teams is charged with maintaining the documentation on the Confluence pages as work progresses, so while there may be some delay, usually the documentation is fairly current. If there are particular activities for which you need the most current information, we encourage you to contact the CI System Development Lead, or the lead for that particular subsystem.

The CI Public Space

Here at the CI Public Space, we provide a little introduction to the Cyberinfrastructure content. Keeping in mind this is an active development support site, we are trying to give you enough information to get started finding your way around.

The CI Workshops Space

The CI Workshops space includes information about all of the preliminary workshops hosted to develop CI requirements and discuss the CI design concepts, as well as more recent workshops. Here you will find much of the background material about the Cyberinfrastructure.

This is also the space where requirements development is organized, and you can review all of that activity by following the subsystem links on the Workshops home page.

The CI Engineering Space

The System Engineering space includes much of the design work for the Cyberinfrastructure and its subsystems. Here you'll find some of the key views of the CI, as well as the detailed design documents that have been developed over the last year.

The engineering processes used on the CI project are described in this area.

The CI Development Space

The CI Development space is the location for coordinating actual software tasking and code development.

New developers will find links on this page that describe our development processes and selected tools.

This space also contains extensive documentations on the Prototyping being done for the CI project.

The CI Integration Space

The [CI Integration] space is for addressing the integration of subsystem components into a fully operational system. It is not yet active as of November 2009.

The CI Program Management Space

The [MAN:CI Program Management] space contains logistical and other coordination material. It does not contain technical material about the program.

Regional and Coastal/Global Implementing Organizations

The Regional and Coastal/Global Implementing Organizations also have spaces on Confluence, linked below. (They will be contacted to add any information that may useful to this page.)

The Regional Scale Nodes Spaces

The Regional Scale Nodes have an [RSNEng:Regional Scale Nodes - Engineering] and an [rsnpm:Regional Scale Nodes] Program Management space.

The Coastal Global Observatory Space

The [cgospace:Coastal Global Observatories (CGO) Space] is the updated location for the CGO team.

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