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Details on signing into or out of OOIN and making edits to an user account.
In order to sign in, first Create an OOIN Account.

Signing In

NOTE:  The user sign in process effects all the tabs of a browser.  It is only possible to be signed into ION as one user for all browser tabs for a given browser (even if those tabs are in separate windows).

Signing into ION on one tab of a browser will change the user of all existing ION tabs in that browser to be the user that just signed in.  Any subsequent new ION tabs will automatically use the same user account as any existing ION tabs. 

If you need to be signed into ION as two different users at the same time you need to use two different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

Step 1: Sign In Button

Click on the Sign In button in the top right of screen.

Note: If the user is already signed into the external provider in the current browser and the Remember Selection box in Step 3 has previously been checked than this is the only step that is necessary, and after a short delay for the transaction for user authentication, the user is transferred directly to the signed in mode.

Step 2: Select Credentialing Institution

Choose or search for a home institution, Google, or other credentialing agent as selected during account creation. Select option in step 3 below if appropriate and click on Continue to proceed.

Note: If using a Google account for credentialing, ensure that within the browser either no Google account is already logged into or that the appropriate Google account is the one that is active. Go to to check which account is activated and sign out if necessary.

Step 3: Optional - Remember this Selection

Only check 'Remember this selection', if one identity provider is used on the computer's browser. Not recommended for computers with multiple OOI/OOIN users.

Click here for details on how to Undo Remember this Selection.
Step 4: Enter Username and Password

Username and password for the chosen credentialing provider should be entered as appropriate and through the provider's site.

Signing Out

Once signed in, the user can click the Sign Out button from the top right of screen to log out of the account.

Account Settings

View Account Details

Once signed in, the user can click the Account Settings button in the top right of screen to view details and account related information on the User Facepage.

Edit Account Details

Once signed in, and after clicking the Account Settings button in the top right of the screen will open the User Facepage which allows for editing from the upper right stack menu.

Click Edit from the drop down menu to activate the editing dialog window.

Edit fields as necessary and click on Save to proceed with changes or Cancel to close without saving.

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