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OOIN provides a set of common commands that you can issue to a device from inside of the OOIN interface.
The operator must have the proper role and access permissions to command a device. See Establish User Role & Access Permissions for instructions on how to request permission to command a specific device.

Steps below begin from device's Facepage, click on either navigating or searching for details on locating the device to be commanded.

Click here for descriptions of the common device commands listed below.

NOTE: To command and manage a device a user with the Facility Operator role for the facility that contains the device must first request and be granted access to the device.   Facility Managers and Facility Administrators should not normally attempt to command a device because they cannot get exclusive access and any operations they try to perform can be interrupted by a Facility Operator who has access to the instrument.

Initiate Command Mode

From the upper right of the Facepage of the device to be commanded, click the drop down stack menu.

Selecting Command will display the Command page for the device.

Exclusive Access

Some device's may support exclusive access for certain user's. If it is available for the user's role and for the device then REQUEST EXCLUSIVE ACCESS will appear as an item in the stack menu.

When a user has exclusive access to a device other user's will get an error message indicating that they can not execute a command because another user has exclusive access.  If a user encounters this situation they will need contact the facility operator or to try to acquire access to the device.

When a user's request for Exclusive Access is granted only they can release that access.  They should do this as soon as they are through with needing it, so other users can have access to the instrument.

Facility Managers and Facility Administrators do not have to request access or Exclusive Access to a device (in fact they can't request or be granted either of these).  Although these two roles are allowed to command an instrument without being granted either of these two permissions they are not expected or encouraged to do this.  Commanding an instrument should only be performed by a user with the Facility Operator role.

Command view

The page has two main parts on the middle and right-side of view.

  • A Command block displaying a list of commands and parameters that are available for the device.
  • A COMMAND RESULTS block showing the recent command events for the device.

In addition, the navigation bar at far left and information blocks in left of center remain in view.

The list of commands displayed as available will change based on the state of the device.  When the device is stopped no device commands are available or displayed.  After the device is started the list of available commands will update each time a command is executed.

The list of commands is not dynamically updated for a user's browser if the device changes state asynchronously.  For any user, a device's list of commands can be out-of-sync with the device's state for many reasons.  It is always possible that another user, a service, or the device's agent/driver has caused the device to change state since the last time a user has interacted with it.  An error message indicating that a command is not available for a device will be displayed if a user tries to execute a command that is not available in the device's present state.  To get an updated list of commands for the device's current state click the GET CAPABILITIES button.

Command a Device

Select from the available commands in the list and clicking the adjacent Execute button to proceed. Click here for the list of descriptions of the common commands that may be available for the selected device.

See the specific Instrument or Platform Operational Specifications in Confluence for information on non-common/device specific commands.

See Parameters for Device Control for how to check or adjust the auto sampling rate or other editable parameters.

See Start-Stop Devices for the sequence of commands to start and stop an instrument or platform device..

Direct Access to Instrument Device

To command an instrument device directly rather than going through OOIN requires additional measures, contact to enable this functionality.

Refer to Direct Access for documentation for performing Direct Access with an instrument.


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