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Account creation allows the user to access OOIN's full suite of features.

Step 1 - Click on Create Account

Registering for an OOIN account allows you to access OOIN's full suite of features, including setting up notifications about data resources.

To register, click on Create Account on the upper right side of the home page or on the upper right corner of any OOIN workspace page.

Step 2 - Registering your Credentials

Click on Get Credentials to proceed through the account creation process.

Note: OOIN utilizes the CILogon service for user authentication (sign in). CILogon is a certificate-based service that acts as a broker to external authenticating authorities including many universities and corporate providers such as Google or PayPal. When creating an OOIN account, the CILogon service requires the user to select an authenticating authority with whom they already have an account. After the user has verified their identity with the selected authority, the OOIN account is created. On subsequent sign in, OOIN delegates authentication to CILogon, which, in turn, delegates to the user’s selected authority. In this way, neither OOIN nor CILogon stores credentialing information, leaving the user with fewer passwords to remember and with passwords stored in fewer locations.

Step 3 - Account Management via an External Identity Provider

This will direct you to an externally operated account management service that will connect your OOIN account to the password service of your chosen home institution or through a Google, Paypal or Verisign account.

Scroll through or Search to select account provider as home institution, Google, PayPal, or Verisign. Then click on Continue.

Note: Only check 'Remember this selection', if one identity provider is used on the computer's browser. Not recommended for computers with multiple OOI/OOIN users. Click here for how to undo remember this selection.

If using a Google account for credentialing, ensure that within the browser either no Google account is already logged into or that the appropriate Google account is the one that is active. Go to to check which account is activated and sign out if necessary.

Additional screens may appear depending on the external identity provider chosen. Here is an example from Google asking to allow CIlogon access to information from the Google/Gmail account which is necessary for the credentialing process.

Step 4 - Fill In Account Information

When the credentialing process is complete, you will be returned to the OOIN workspace in the Account Information dialog box. Fill in the contact information, noting that the email listed can be different than the one used in the credentialing process, i.e. gmail versus institution.

Click on Add, to enter additional phone numbers.

Click on Save to confirm entries and to be transferred to the dashboard view.

Step 5 - Additional Help

See your home institution for questions about CILogon and identity providing.

Click here for help or additional information on using Google as your identity provider.
Click here for help or additional information on using PayPal as your identity provider.
Click here for help or additional information on using Verisign as your identity provider.


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