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Managing data products, details specific to the manager or administrator of data products.
At any time if an issue with the OOIN system arises, the Get Help or Report & Track an Issue page outlines the who/when/where to contact.

If the data product already exists in the OOIN system, click on either navigating or searching for how to find the data product of interest.

Details for creating a new data product are the same as creating a new resource.

Data Management - OOIN User Documentation Links
Additional - User Documentation Links

View and Download available Data Products
  1. View data product
    1. Understand data products and tour the page
    2. Evaluate when last data came in by viewing the "Latest Readings" tab
    3. View Recent Events tab
  2. Review and interact with the data view
  3. Download data products (ERDDAP)
    1. Select subset for data download
    2. Create and download visualization/image
  4. Review available quality control information

Manage Data Products
  1. Upload or delete attachments
  2. Add event to log if necessary
  3. Activate or suspend persistence
  4. Create a new data product

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