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Understand the different types of data products available in OOIN and learn about the information and details provided on the data product Facepage.
Details below outline a typical data product's Facepage, click here for details on navigating to through OOIN.

Understand Data Products

A data product is any information product handled by OOIN. A data product can be observational data, derived data, aggregated data, or analysis and visualization products. Data products can represent ongoing streams of information, which are augmented with arrival of new data supplements.

Some data products (marked as processing level L0) are unprocessed, except for bringing the data into the OOI internal database. Other data products have been converted from instrument units to scientific units (processing level L1) or have undergone further processing to create derived products (processing level L2). The quality control level also varies: data products with QC level "a" have had no quality assessment or quality control. Those marked as QC level "b" have undergone automated quality control has have QC flags included in the data product. Data products that have had human evaluation are marked as QC level "c."

OOI provides access to data from OOI instruments, partner organizations with observational data, and products that its user community have created and shared.

Data Types further Defined (Raw, Parsed, L0, L1, L2)

Click here for further data type definitions.

Tour the Data Product Page Layout

Multiple tabs are in view or selectable and allow the user to investigate the various aspects of the data product that is selected.


The left hand column of the page includes sections show Identification, Data Bounds, Description, and Contact Information. Note also the Connections block that allows a user to link to other pages directly, the source, facility, and direct data link.


The Data block displays data graphically or in table format and allows the user to view the data product variables interactively.

The Variables Information block lists all of the available variables by name along with the units, data type, and any pertinent comments.

For details on how to optimize the graphic view, see
Interact with Data View.

Click here for information on Downloading Data.

Latest Reading, Products, and Processes

Three different tabs allow the user access to more information about the data and the processes associated with the data products.

Recent Events

Shows entries for the most recent events associated with the data product.


Includes a general sections outlining the licensing information and data statistics. Additional blocks show acknowledgement notes and a usage statistics.


Displays any attachments accompanying the data product.


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