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Editing of the lifecycle state allows for differentiating the stages of a resource.
Steps below begin from resource or data product's page, click here for details on navigating to appropriate Facepage and scroll down to the specific section.

In order to edit a resource, an operator must have the proper permissions, see Establish User Role & Access Permissions for instructions on how to request permission to edit a specific resource.

Edit the Lifecycle State

Step 1: Initiate Editing

From the Facepage for the resource, go to the stack menu in the far upper right corner of the page and from the drop down menu that emerges select Lifecycle.

Step 2: Select Lifecycle State

Select the appropriate lifecycle state, see explanations below.

Step 3: Confirm Change

Click on the Change Lifecycle button to proceed. Or Cancel will close window without saving changes.

Understand the Lifecycle States


Preliminary asset, information may not be complete or accurate, should be considered unverified (lifecycle state not utilized for data products). Once a resource is depicted as planned or developed, it cannot go back to a draft state.


Planned resource in the OOIN system with planned updates and associations pending, in development. Once a resource is depicted as developed or deployed, it cannot go back to a planned state.


Verified asset accurately depicted and stand alone testing completed within the OOIN system (lifecycle state not utilized for data products).


Asset is integrated within the OOIN system and is associated to a deployment and other assets appropriately and tested within its associated configuration (lifecycle state not utilized for data products).


Resource is in service and actively part of the OOIN system. Examples include deployed assets, streaming data products, and portal instances. Term is in consideration to be renamed to Active to accommodate different resource types.


Resource is removed from the system. This state is a deletion of the resource and is permanent and cannot be undone easily within the system by the resource managers and causes resource to not be accessible or viewable in OOIN. Term is in consideration to be renamed as Deleted or Removed.

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