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Event titles and descriptions outlined, entries titles may listed in the event log of a resource.
All events are not pertinent to all types of resources. Terminology below uses the following terms:
  • Resource for when the event is applicable to any resource type.
  • Device is any commandable resource such as an Instrument or Platform.
  • Asset is a non-data related resource such as a Facility, Site, or Devices.

View Event Entries

View entries from a resource's Facepage, scroll down to the Recent Events table.

Regular table sorting and filtering functions allow for viewing entries as needed.

The recent events table defaults to the Created field (Date/Time) descending from most recent. Note the up or down peaked symbol to show ascending or descending, with the symbol being next to the current sorted field.

Events - Key Points

  • The system produces events about resources.
  • Operators can manually produce events about devices, see Manual Entry to Event Log.
  • The resource Facepage will show all the events in the Recent Events tab.
  • Events are categorized into groups and have a specific type.
  • Descriptive summaries and additional metadata are attached to each event.
  • The notification subsystem in OOIN forwards events to users with standing subscriptions, Subscribe or Unsubscribe to a Resource.
  • The system is setup to allow new types of events to be added in the future, such as program specific science events.

Event - Descriptions

Event Title (Future) Pertains to Resource Type Description Event Title (Current)
Communication Lost/Restored Asset Communications have failed to a device (platform or instrument) or communication has been restored. ResourceAgentConnectionLostErrorEvent
Device Error Device Problem associated with a device has been detected. ResourceAgentErrorEvent
Issue reported Resource Report issue function in OOIN has been activated by a user. ResourceIssueReportedEvent
Lifecycle state change Resource Lifecycle state has been changed. ResourceLifecycleEvent
Agent operational state change Device Agent's (managing the device) operational state has changed (i.e., Command, Streaming, Inactive). ResourceAgentStateEvent
Device operational state change Device Agent's managed device has a change to its operational state, an agent manages the device and the driver interacts with the device (e.g., Instrument or Platform). ResourceAgentResourceStateEvent
Operator event on device Device An operator has logged an event manually to a device. DeviceOperatorEvent
Operator event on resource Non-Device Resource An operator has logged an event manually to a non-device resource (i.e., Data Product). ResourceOperatorEvent
QC alert Data Product QC processing has detected an error ParameterQCEvent
Request received Facility A role, enrollment, or access request has been submitted. OrgNegotiationInitiatedEvent
Resource modified Resource Resource metadata/information has been modified/edited. ResourceModifiedEvent
Status alert/change Asset A status alert has been issued or status has recovered. DeviceStatusAlertEvent
Aggregate Status alert/change Asset An aggregated Status alert has been issued or the aggregated status has recovered. DeviceAggregateStatusEvent

Click here for details on how to subscribe for alerts from the above event types. The 'pertains to resource type' column let's the user known which type of resource the subscription is pertinent to for the specific events.

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