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The Facepage is the primary view of any resource such as an instrument or data set. Every resource has a Facepage view.


Located in the upper middle of the page, blocks show descriptive information and contact details for the resource. Further blocks available are described in more detail below.


This section lists the identifying information associated with the selected resource, including the name and manufacturer.


Utilize the connections to directly link to other pages. From a particular resource page, you can get to it's associated facility, platform or station by clicking on the available links.


This block lists the location associated with the selected resource, including the latitude and longitude. Located in the middle of the page, the tab shows the geo-spatial and vertical extents of the resource.


Pre-loaded or user edited descriptive text about the resource.


Responsible individual(s) to contact about the selected resource.

Data Products

This section lists the data products associated with the selected resource. Located in the upper right hand side of the page, the tab can be filtered and sorted by the headers listed. Clicking on any of the associated data products will link to the Data Product's Facepage and will show further information and allow for viewing of the specific data product.


This section lists the associated deployments for the selected resource. Click here for more details about deployments and resource associations.

Recent Events

This section lists the recent events associated with the selected resource, also referred to as the event log. Located in the middle of the right hand side of the page, the tab can be filtered and sorted by the headers listed.


The Attachment tab lists available items, click here for more details on viewing and downloading associated attachments.

Control Information

The control information tab shows and with the proper access permissions allows access to the defining agent which controls the device. Click here for details on accessing the agent to add or edit alerts.


The specifications tab lists details about the resource. As a manager or administrator of the resource these details can be edited if necessary. Click on either how to gain access permissions or how to find out about editing for more details.

Facepage Overview Example

The tabs explained above are shown together in this example layout of a typical Facepage.

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