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Get started using the Ocean Observatories Initiative Network (, details on the initial use of the system including an introduction, tour, and steps for account setup and establishing roles.
Getting Started - User Documentation Links

Get Started Accessing the OOINet System (
  1. The Introduction explains the main terms used in OOINet.
  2. The Tour shows the main views and initial exploration of the OOINet interface.
  3. The Map and Resource views of the Dashboard allow for Browsing and Navigating through the system. The navigation area is available on the far upper left of every screen.
  4. Searching is one of the fastest ways to locate resources of interest. The simple and advanced search tools are located in the upper left of any screen.
  5. Sorting and Filtering functions are available on every table to allow for ease of viewing and limiting of results to a manageable and useful set.
  6. Simple exploring and data viewing in OOINet is available as a Guest. Account Creation allows the user to enroll in a facility, subscribe to events, and gain operator roles.
  7. Once an account is setup, the process of signing in and out and checking or editing the user account settings are available functions, detailed in the Account Sign In, Sign Out, and Edits page.
  8. Learn about the User Roles available in OOINet and what activities are permitted to various roles through the internal policies in place.
  9. Steps for Establishing User Roles and gaining Access Permissions allow for the operation and management of OOINet resources.

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