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Manage resources in OOIN, details on creating and editing resources, changing lifecycle states, adding and removing attachments, and operator event logging.
At any time if an issue with the OOIN system arises, the Get Help or Report & Track an Issue page outlines the who/when/where of contact information.

For an existing resource in the OOIN system, click on either navigating or searching to locate item of interest.
Manage Resource - User Documentation Links
Additional - User Documentation Links

Perform Initial Checks of a Resource
  1. Receive physical resource
  2. Ensure resource (manufacturer, model, & serial #) is accurately in the OOIN system by either
    1. Creating a new resource, not required for preloaded resources
    2. Editing an existing resource
  3. Download any attachments associated with the resource, such as checklists or test instructions
  4. Perform initial checks as prescribed
  5. Physically connect resource, ensure connected to assigned port (visible on resource facepage)
  6. Perform testing and characterization of instrument's connection and interface using either commanding option:
    1. Command a Device including gaining Direct Access
  7. View data produced by navigating to the appropriate data product page
  8. Create Event(s) in the Event Log where necessary for logging initial checks and testing
  9. Upload as attachments any associated documents, images, results and/or logs, i.e. images, QCT, configuration, and calibrations

Resource Settings, States, and Associations
  1. Editing a resource allows the user to
    1. Enter and/or verify required resource information
    2. Enter and/or verify calibration parameters
    3. Edit temporal and geo-spatial characteristics of deployment
  2. Set lifecycle state
  3. Associations and Deployments allow the locality and temporal tracking of resources over time
  4. Designate resource(s) as primary where necessary, i.e. primary instrument, primary on site

Verify behavior and performance by commanding resource and reviewing the data

These steps may be required multiple times before and after physical installation in conjunction with associated resources and during and after deployment.

  1. Verify resource behavior and performance
    1. Command a Device including gaining Direct Access
  2. View data produced by navigating to the appropriate data product page, comparison with existing or other resources may be required

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