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Information for the Administrator or Manager of a Facility, details on managing associations and deployments, creating new resources, and setting up status alerts.
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Manage System - User Documentation Links
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Manage System
  1. Initial resources will be preloaded into OOIN via OOI SAF to OOIN import and associated resource mapping.
  2. Resource associations and deployments relate the conceptual to the physical and allow for organization and archiving of structures over time.
  3. Creating a new resource allows for its inclusion in OOIN and the ability for further actions.
  4. Designate a resource as primary to flag the asset as the principal resource in a portal or site, when more than one is operational. The primary flag also denotes the output as the source for an associated data product at the site.
  5. Adding, editing, and deleting status alerts allows the operational team to customize surveillance of resources as needed.
  6. For an administrator managing roles and access encompasses initiating offers of membership and roles within a Facility along with granting access to resources.

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