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Details on parameters related to a device, there are read-only and editable parameters for command and control purposes.
The resource must be commandable with parameters and the operator must have the proper role and access permissions to the resource. See Establish User Role & Access Permissions for instructions on how to request access permission to a specific resource.

Steps below begin from resource's Facepage, click on either navigating or searching for details on locating the device to be commanded.

Initiate Command page to View or Edit Parameters

From the upper right main menu of the Facepage for the device of interest, choose Command from the drop down to view the agent and resource parameters. See below for details on editing resource parameters.

Agent Parameters

The agent is the entity that manages the device. Depending of the type of agent there will be parameters shown. The example to the right is for the PREST instrument agent.

Stream Publication Rate

The Stream Publication Rate generally is set to default to 0, publication as data is available. Some devices have too high of sampling rates and their publication rates will be set at some number of seconds to optimize the OOIN system. As marine operators and managers, adjusting the OOIN set rate may be necessary, please check with for more details for a particular device.

Click here for details on how to edit the Stream Publication Rate.

Resource Parameters

These parameters directly affect the device that is being commanded, includes fields such as sample period or interval. The resource parameters available to view and to edit will vary depending on the device, the example at left shows the editable sample period field for the PREST instrument.

Editable fields are indicated by a blue outline when moused over and descriptive text is listed in the help tap. The description includes the range of allowed values for the resource parameter. Make edits within the allowable range and then click Save to enable changes.

Note that in general editable fields will show as not editable when in streaming mode.


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