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Sorting and filtering tables in OOIN allows the user to refine lists into resources of interest.


Tables in OOIN are used to display sets of lists.

All tables share the same set of controls that let you sort and filter the contents of the table.


To sort any table, click on the header of the column.

This will sort the table in ascending order of the contents of the column whose header you clicked on.

Click on it again and the order will be reversed.

Note the up or down peaked symbol to show ascending or descending, with the symbol being next to the current sorted field.

In general, tables default to Name field with ascending sorting.

The recent events table defaults to the Created field (Date/Time) descending from most recent.


Filters are useful to see only a certain type of information in a table.

To Filter, click the Funnel/Filter button at the top right of any table.

Enter filter criterion.

To add more criteria, click the "+" button
(to remove criteria, click the "-" button).

Click "Apply" to see the result of your filters.

Reset allows for starting over with original list.

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