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Subscribe to a resource to be notified via text or email when an event occurs. Unsubscribe from a resource to discontinue receiving notifications.
Events can be viewed without a subscription from the Recent Event's tab on the resource's Facepage inside the OOIN interface.
Subscriptions require a user to have an account, be logged into OOIN, and be enrolled in the Facility of the resource. For details see,

When subscribing, note that not all events are not pertinent to all types of resources. Terminology below uses the following terms:

  • Resource for when the event is applicable to any resource type.
  • Device is any commandable resource such as an Instrument or Platform.
  • An asset is a non-data related resource such as a Facility, Site, or Devices.


Step 1: Activate Subscription Dialog

From the resource of interests Facepage, select Subscribe from the Action menu in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Subscribe or Unsubscribe to Events

Toggle from Subscribe to Unsubscribe for event types for notification.

For a description of the event types, see Event Descriptions below.

Click here for details on how to adjust your account notification settings.

Step 3: Close Dialog to Enable Selections

Click on Close to enable selection choices.

Event Descriptions

Event Title (Future) Pertains to Resource Type Description Event Title (Current)
Communication Lost/Restored Asset Communications have failed to a device (platform or instrument) or communication has been restored. ResourceAgentConnectionLostErrorEvent
Device Error Device Problem associated with a device has been detected. ResourceAgentErrorEvent
Issue reported Resource Report issue function in OOIN has been activated by a user. ResourceIssueReportedEvent
Lifecycle state change Resource Lifecycle state has been changed. ResourceLifecycleEvent
Agent operational state change Device Agent's (managing the device) operational state has changed (i.e., Command, Streaming, Inactive). ResourceAgentStateEvent
Device operational state change Device Agent's managed device has a change to its operational state, an agent manages the device and the driver interacts with the device (e.g., Instrument or Platform). ResourceAgentResourceStateEvent
Operator event on device Device An operator has logged an event manually to a device. DeviceOperatorEvent
Operator event on resource Non-Device Resource An operator has logged an event manually to a non-device resource (i.e., Data Product). ResourceOperatorEvent
QC alert Data Product QC processing has detected an error ParameterQCEvent
Request received Facility A role, enrollment, or access request has been submitted. OrgNegotiationInitiatedEvent
Resource modified Resource Resource metadata/information has been modified/edited. ResourceModifiedEvent
Status alert/change Asset A status alert has been issued or status has recovered. DeviceStatusAlertEvent
Aggregate Status alert/change Asset An aggregated Status alert has been issued or the aggregated status has recovered. DeviceAggregateStatusEvent


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