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The Ocean Observatories Initiative Network (OOINet) is a national infrastructure that makes ocean data from many observing systems available to everyone, from scientists and researchers to teachers, students, and the interested public. Data are available through a web interface ( with tools to help locate, learn about, evaluate, and download ocean data.
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OOINet System Status

System is Available
Shut downs for maintenance will be listed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers provided for frequently asked questions.

Technical Support - Helpdesk Phone & Email

The OOI helpdesk is set up with two options:

  1. EMAIL:
  2. Toll free telephone number: 855-679-7653

Requests are logged into Jira as a trouble ticket, either manually for phone calls
or automatically via the helpdesk email address above.

Responses to requests are generally within normal working hours,
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific time.

If requests are critical (i.e. an instrument has broken loose),
every effort will be taken to respond quickly.

Click here for more details on information to provide when submitting an issue.

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Documentation Status

_The user documentation includes descriptions of current and upcoming functionality in Release 2 of OOINet. Some pages show a current screenshot from the system others display a mockup of design that is in the process of being implemented. Pages will be updated as system evolves._

Full User Documentation Site Index
Click here for full tree list
      or search the User Documentation

Funding for the Ocean Observatories Initiative is provided by the National Science Foundation through a Cooperative Agreement with the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. The OOI Program Implementing Organizations are funded through sub-awards from the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.

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