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View resources in OOIN. Understand details on resource Facepages, status flags, lifecycle states, attachments, and viewing and subscribing to events.
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Viewing OOIN Resources

Every resource has a Facepage that will show the applicable lifecycle state of the resource. All resources show their viewable attachments and recent events. Subscribing (or Unsubscribing) is available for specific resources in order to receive notifications to alerts. Note that status flags are only displayed for devices, taskable resources such as instruments and platforms.

  1. Facepage tabs and details acquaint user with sectional information.
  2. Status flag details outlines types and indicators.
  3. Lifecycle States are listed for user understanding.
  4. View Attachments via Download.
  5. How to view events and their descriptions.
  6. Subscribe or unsubscribe to a resource.

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