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Description: 20080813 Meeting Notes

Attendees: John Delaney, John Orcutt, Deb Kelley, Nancy Penrose, Mark Stoermer, Matthew Arrott, Rita Bauer, Sean, Connor, Jennifer Matthews, Cheryl Peach

Action Items:  Mark will e-mail everyone a copy of the WEB:classification matrix.  Rita and Nancy will prepare and post meeting notes.  Rita will schedule the meeting for next week and set up the webex.


Mark brought his example page up on WebEx and explained its functionality to the group.  He showed the page where, with the help of others at UW - he had defined the "Main Button Classifications".  These are:

  • Overview
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Cyber
  • Education

Our next tasks seem to be to:

  • Determine if these classifications fully and adequately describe the program.  If not - what would we change or add?
  • Determine if the story topics currently provided adequately describe the work happening within that classification.  If not - what story topics would we change or add?
  • Determine who within our working groups will be responsible for populating these stories (preferably using existing content).

John Orcutt suggested that we add the classification of "Management".  Nancy agreed and pointed out that in recent conversations, Julie had emphasized the importance of the OMB as an audience for OOI related material.  Deb suggested that we might also consider "Society" and "Policy".  Matthew expressed his concern that too many classifications would be cumbersum - and if we wanted these classifications - we should change this function to something resembling a "tag".  Mark agreed - but noted that we are looking for suggestions at this stage - and want to hear all ideas. 

John Delaney expressed his desire to see this system as one that formally allows real collaboration within the community of users.

Matthew identified alternate next steps to be:

  • Identify requirements
  • Layout a pathway to implementation
  • Implement a cover project

This procedure will help us understand how we'll expand what we have to what we want. 

Populating a few stories prior to FDR will also provide an excellent example of the program as a collaboration between the IOs

Matthew identifies the following parties as those who might be responsible for each classification

  • Overview - John Delaney
  • Management - John Orcutt
  • Science - Deb Kelley (John Delaney also suggests himself and Oscar Schofield)
  • Engineering - Mark Harrington
  • Cyber - Matthew Arrott
  • Education - Cheryl Peach

John Delaney asks that appropriate parties review the classification matrix to see if the story coverage is adequate, suggest alternative stories, or delete inappropriate stories.  He would like to see this happen this week - and this same group meet again next week to continue with the processes discussed.  He also requested that appropriate people (those identified by Matthew?) write a brief paragraph explaining to the group what should fall under their classification. 

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