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The Web Presence effort is a grass roots undertaking to develop a public, attractive interface to the community of users who will take advantage of the growing capability of the Ocean Observatories Initiative as it begins construction in 2010.  In addition, the site needs to welcome readers to provide input in the interim to the planning for the infrastructure being planned and budgeted. Given this latter requirement, the first set of activities must present the OOI in an understandable and compelling way.  As this takes form, the site will evolve to provide Web 2.0 capabilities to establish a conversation between the OOI (the Implementing Organizations and the Consortium for Ocean Leadership) and future users and instrument suppliers.

To date, the Web Presence effort has settled on the use of the UW Web architecture including the database used to enter and display "stories" about the OOI.  UW has also provided an initial table of contents for the web site, which will be modified to meet the architecture and needs of the Implementing Operators and the important interconnections. 

We anticipate that a functioning, useful web presence will be available by the time of the November FDR and will be useful in presenting information about the OOI at a high level. In addition, the software will be migrated to the Computing Cloud as an exemplar of this approach for supporting computing and storage needs for the OOI as a whole.


The goal of the OOI program's website is to create an informative, useful, well organized, graphically appealing, dynamic site that meets the informational and collaborative needs of its stakeholders.  The OOI Web Design Team's site design, development and production will be a coordinated effort provided for by mutual investment from:

  • University of Washington
  • University of California, San Diego
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

It is intended the OOI Website will consist of multiple components, created in two phases prior to MREFC.  The first focuses on two aspects of the program: the presentation of the OOI Program Science objectives and activities with a specific attention to community engagement;. The second aspect of first phase is the internal project coordination and collaboration capabilities to increase the effectiveness of the OOI team.

  • Phase I (Before FDR)
    • Needs Analysis
    • Public Informational Site
      ** Project coordination and Collaboration Workspaces

  • Phase II (After FDR?)
    • Web Based Application Tools
      • Science Planning
      • Education
      • Project Operations
    • Web Based Visualization Streams

Additional information is available in our outline - which is presented in "Pages".

Documents - Stories and Meeting Notes

This image shows a sample matrix of stories to be included on the web site.

Sample stories can be reviewed via the links presented (by category) below:

Overview Stories

Science Stories

Engineering Stories

Cyber Stories

Education Stories

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