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Review the plans and the logistics between here and the time of the meeting.  Oscar goes over his idea of what should happen.  Ingolf sent the questionnaire - send changes directly to Mike.  Oscar will try to get that out to attendees tomorrow morning.  Next week will follow up on responses and solicit working proposals.  The general agenda is in yesterday's e-mail but Oscar would like to have some time in the morning to bring everyone up to speed.  He sent everyone the first workshop report and pointed out the page 6 flow diagram and explaining that they should take this to the model. 

Day 1
0900-0945     Welcomes, Goals, and Overview of current OOI plans from PDR(Oscar)
0950-1010     Proposed CI Infrastructure for the OOI (Matt? Since he has other
simultaneous meetings)
1015-1045     developing Science user requirements (Alan)
1050-1110     CI system engineering (Igolf)
1110-1130     Questions and plans for next day and half

1130 Lunch

1230 - 2     Scientist over-views

2 -         break

2:30-4         Begin Developing the Model Domain Model

Day 2
Model Domain Model continued
Question (Alan, Matt, Ingolf) If we finish the domain model, what is the
next high priority to get the most out of our guests?

Ingolf will define the agenda if Matthew feels that it will be useful.  Ingolf asks how we will incorporate the information coming out of the questionnaire and how to incorporate it into the agenda.  Matthew asks when we will have an agenda for the proposed timeline.

Ingolf will talk to Claudiu and Mike to determine if there should be a more structured outline for accomplishing these tasks.  Oscar feels that many of the questions will NOT be filled in prior to the start of the meeting.  Part of Day 2 will likely be the "fleshing-out" of the questionnaire.  Matthew re-iterates that the investment in this effort warrants more detail in the objectives and layout of the meeting.  Ingolf's crew should define this more than it is now. 

Michael asks what the audience has a specific background?  Oscar points out that they are water column modelers.  Numbericists.  Broadly speaking - the first meeting cross section would be similar to John Wilkins.  We'll have a range of people at that level.  We developed a domain model for instruments last time - this time for models.  Will they be providing the user -interface information or other aspects?  One or two will focus on the scientific processes.  Andy will be focused on the metadata issues - online processing.  A range of the types of models run - external models, tools, and applications.  Matthew asks if we should select two or three attendees to conduct phone interviews to flesh out Michael's question.  He did it with Yi yesterday - and it was quite fruitful.  Perhaps Bruce Cornuelle, Yi - and Andy Moore.   Oscar can reach out to them tonight or tomorrow and see if we can set something up next week. 

Matthew is concerned that we are headed into this fairly cold regarding our direction and it seems that this sort of interview might go a long way.  Michael - have you had a chance to follow up on the Europe modeling information?  Michael has not.

John would like to invite Craig Winters and will send his address to Oscar so he can invite him. 

Next week on the 16th, Matthew has an hour session with Bill O'Riley (CDEP) between 2 and 5 pm (after their site visit). Mike will join Matthew.  Oscar will reach out to Andy Moore to see if we can do a pre-interview with him - and also Yi and Bill (Bruce as a follow up).  Reach out to Yi with the questionnaire for analysis.  Oscar is booked after 3:00 tomorrow.  They will cc him.  Oscar will invite Craig, follow up with Andy - and wait until we have Yi's feedback on the questionnaire or send it out no later than Monday afternoon. 

We'll formalize more of the agenda and get it out ASAP.

Do any participants have domain modeling knowledge?  Should we send information out regarding domain modeling as well?  Yes - Oscar would like to do this.  A domain model, syntax of the last workshop (the report is a good introduction) - a quick synopsis of the report might be helpful - but the report is good.  We'll prepare a report of the notation (AB1 and AB2) - but they will likely not have time to work through it all.  Oscar will also try to get their program overviews so we can review these materials before they arrive.  Michael needs to know what is missing from the questionnaire.  Oscar will try to get his comments to Michael tomorrow morning.

Complete draft agenda by next Wednesday

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