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The following is a list of preconditions in preparation of each design workshop (except User Applications) until FDR:

Subsystem internals:

  • Subsystem technology choices are documented
  • Open/unclear technology issues are explicitly called out
  • Scope of expected subsystem capabilities (services) is documented

Relationship with other subsystems:

  • Dependencies on the COI and other subsystems are identified
  • Commitments and responsibilities to other subsystems are clearly stated
  • Capabilities and provided services of interacting subsystems are identified
  • There is shared understanding of the COI integration approach and its capabilities (adapters for integration will be built from all subsystems to COI)
  • The additional capabilities expected from the COI are identified.

Organizational aspects:

  • Core participants are identified and have confirmed the participation to the workshop
  • All participants are aware that we will need to create a set of architecture documents for each subsystem individually. Also the overall CI-level architecture documents need to be refined/updated, but this refinement is a parallel activity; we will reference subsystem docs from the CI docs and vice versa.
  • All participants know what kind of DoDAF products are expected to be delivered

Knowledge distribution:

  • Each subsystem has a web page on Confluence, with reference to the relevant materials, organizational information, and workshop page
  • Each subsystem is aware the relevant CI user requirements - the 2nd Modeling Workshop report can be used as (yet incomplete) baseline for user requirements
  • Subsystem engineers provide further relevant materials before the workshop to the CI ADT team (see below for the workshops general plan)

Expected outcomes

Expected outcomes for the design workshops (except User Applications):

  • Advance the subsystem design based on existing systems and applications, to be integrated via the COI
  • Provide an integration strategy into a consistent CI with the COI as primary integration infrastructure: investigate how the systems get integrated, identify the gaps between subsystem technologies and how to fill these gaps
  • Identify integration and technolology mismatches and sketch possible solutions
  • Develop a plan for producing the relevant DoDAF document set for each subsystem architecture

Expected outcomes for the User Applications:

  • Identify a set of classes of applications that the CI will support
  • Investigate technology choices
  • Identify requirements

General plan for each workshop

The following is a tentative plan for executing each design workshop until FDR.

Step 1. Document exchange (two weeks prior to workshop)
In preparation for the baseline design of the subsystem and its integration with the CI, the following document exchange should be performed two weeks prior to the workshop between the CI Architecture & Design Team (CI ADT) and Subsystem Lead:

a) From CI ADT to Subsystem Lead

  • CI Architecture Models ([OV2])
  • Subsystem WBS elements (PDR version) - see PDR Costbook ([SV8|CIIO:Design Workshop^SV8.doc] reflects the proposal version; the PDR costbook is an update)
  • 2nd Modeling workshop (RWS2) report (informative)
  • COI Integrative & Governance Architecture Approach - [COI Domain Entity Models]

b) From Subsystem to CI ADT

  • 2007 Design Workshop reports - the revised/latest version (Preliminary reports)
  • Technology choices documented
    • Current presentations on Stakeholder and Developer Viewpoints
    • Data Model (Entity Relationship Diagrams)
    • System Model (UML Component Diagrams)
    • Technical documents & developer guides (initially as inventory list)

Step 2. Organizational details
In preparation for the OV4 document, the role and responsibilities of each participant are identified; in particular, the subsystem lead architect/engineer/point of contact for the internal architectural details of the subsystem is decided.

Step 3. Baseline design & integration opinion/model (internal meeting inside CI ADT; suggested internal meeting inside the subsystem - 1 week before the workshop)
After investigating the available materials, each team discusses internally the integration strategy of the subsystem within the CI. Any sketch model that might result from the discussions is subject to refinement during the workshop.

Step 4. Touch-base teleconference - Workshop Agenda (3-7 days prior to the workshop)
During a two hours telecon meeting, the CI ADT and the subsystem lead openly discuss an agenda for the workshop focusing on identifying the gaps between subsystem technologies and designing an integration solution with the CI.

Step 5. Workshop outcome (one week after the workshop)
The presentations, initial notes, and other associated material from the workshop are gathered and published by the CI ADT on the workshop wiki page.

Step 6. Design plan for FDR (preliminary stage, delivered a couple of days after step 5)
Based on the feedback received on the workshop outcome material, the CI ADT and the subsystem lead create a basic plan for advancing the subsystem's architecture and integration model.

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