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  • Date: May 22-23, 2008 (Thu & Fri, 8:30-5pm)
  • Location: Calit2, UCSD - Atkinson Hall - Rooms #2004 (1st day) & #4004 (2nd day)
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Participants: internal
  • Size: avg. 10 persons



Day 1 (5/22) -

Time Presenter/ Moderator Topic
8:00   Breakfast
8:30 Ingolf Krueger Welcome
8:45 Matthew Arrott OOI CI Context, scope, goals
9:45 Matthew Arrott OOI FDR
10:15   Break
10:30 Ingolf Krueger COI FDR Action Plan Refinement
    COI FDR Deliverable Sessions
11:30 Participants Use cases/user stories/operations that the subsystem should support (OV5)
13:00   Lunch
14:00 Participants A list of services/capabilities provided by the subsystem (SV4)
15:30   Break
15:45 Participants A context diagram, showing the interfaces (types of incoming/outgoing data) of the subsystem to the environment (OV2, SV1)
17:15   End-of-Day

Day 2 (5/23)

Time Presenter/ Moderator Topic
8:00   Breakfast
8:30 Participants A data model, showing the core entities/abstractions of the subsystem and their high-level relationships (OV7)
10:00   Break
10:30 Participants A deployment diagram, showing hardware/software nodes needed for deployment, as well as networking needs (SV1)
12:00   Lunch
13:00 Participants Interaction protocols required for accessing the services/capabilities of the subsystem at least in a black-box view (i.e. without showing the interactions within the subsystem) and, if possible in the available timeframe, also in a white-box view (i.e. showing the interactions within the subsystem) (SV2)
14:30   Break
14:45 Participants Standards/technologies that the subsystem adopts, or requires the environment to follow for the integrated system to function properly (TV1)
16:15 Ingolf Krueger End of the Workshop Concluding Remarks

Note: The goal of each "COI FDR Deliverables Session" is to discuss and refine each of the draft products. This will mean that all participants of the workshop come prepared with materials for the respective product.

OOI Participants

  • Matthew Arrott
  • Ingolf Krueger
  • Claudiu Farcas
  • Igor Klacansky
  • Emilia Farcas
  • Michael Meisinger
  • Munindar P. Singh
  • Prashant Kediyal
  • Von Welch

Preparation Materials

To make each of the sessions as productive as possible, please prepare yourself by reading the following documents (linked from LCO page):

In addition, please identify areas where we are missing use cases/operational concepts, requirements and domain model elements; and look into refined deployment options, architectures and technologies that we can use for the COI for IdM and Policy/Governance.

Workshop Materials

  • Will be updated when available

Logistics and Reimbursement

Workshop attendees will receive breakfast and lunch each day of the workshop. You will be on your own for dinner each day - but we will provide you with a list of local restaurants to make your selection easier.
For other information please contact:

Rita M. Bauer
Special Projects Coordinator
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0225
La Jolla, CA 92093-0225
858.822.3372 (Fax)

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