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The COI Planning Team prepares the beginning of COI construction Oct 13 2009. Main tasks include preparation of contracts through work tasks, requirements and architecture

Basic Information

Meetings: Next meeting Thursday, Oct 1, time TBD
Email List (at The team email is cicoigroup
Lead: The interim lead is Michael Meisinger.


Baseline documents from the OOI CI Kick-Off

  • L2 (User), L3 (System) and L4 (Subsystem) Requirements; the subsets for COI are relevant
  • Work tasks for COI release 1 control account.
  • OOI CI architecture documents: IOA, IOI, COI
  • Annual work plan OOI CI

Input Materials from Previous Efforts

  • COI Group main page. The COI group worked from July 2007 through Oct 2008 on defining and integrating Identity Management and Governance in the context of the COI subsystem.
  • COI Life-Cycle Objectives Milestone. The LCO occurred Feb 2008 and reviewed requirements and use cases at that time.
  • COI Group FDR Preparation. Preparation of individual OV2, OV5, OV7, SV1, SV2, TV1 documents and collection of related materials
  • COI Architecture Document (FDR version). The integration of the individual COI DoDAF products from the FDR preparation into one uniform architecture document.
  • Integrated Observatory Infrastructure Architecture Document (FDR Version). Integration of all three infrastructure subsystems. Abbreviated version of the COI AD together with CEI and DM
  • [CI Technology Catalog] (evolving based on FDR state)
  • Agent Contract Network prototype Overview and Deliverables. Research and prototyping of contracts and commitments in the context of entities(agents) within resources, as a basis for governance.
  • Pilot prototypes: Overview and Integration page.


  • Use Cases and Stress Cases
  • Work Task Refinement
  • Requirements Review


  • Friday Sept 25, 3:30pm ET, 2:30pm CT, 12:30pm PT on WebEx.
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