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NOTE: The resultant materials from the workshop, Presentations, Video recording of the proceedings, and Subsystem Reports are now available.

The goal of the pre-construction phase of the OOI Program is to successfully complete the Preliminary Design Review of the OOI Network in early December 2007 and establish the critical project management and system engineering processes in advance of construction. The scheduled start for the construction phase of the OOI is July 2008.

The objectives of the initial OOI Cyberinfrastructure Design Workshop are:

  1. Assess the OOI CI management team's articulation, structuring and planning of the project in preparation for PDR
  2. Acclimate the CI design partners to the architectural approach and candidate technologies
  3. Assess and refine the development plans for the subsystem development projects

The workshop WS:agenda is structured to address these three objectives directly. The first day is focused on the review of CI management team's preparation for the Preliminary Design Review. A mock review committee has been assembled to drive the question and answer sessions in the afternoon, which will involve all participants. The second day is for acclimating the design team (attendees) to the proposed architectural approach of the CI and its candidate technologies. The third day provides the team an opportunity to assess the scope and quality of the project planning.

NSF's Charge for PDR is our current understanding of the concerns and structure of the review in December. The top level program metrics that we must address are provided in NSF's Large Facility Manual, published May of 2007.

The following documents are DRAFT versions of the major project overview, planning, requirements and design artifacts that are relevant for the meeting. Note: This is an extensive amount of material; the bold items are the recommended reading. Also all documents are NOT for distribution (even though they are on the Web) as they are in DRAFT state.

  1. OOI Science Prospectus(science context covered in Sections 1 & 2)
  2. CI Overview
  3. CI Project Execution Plan
  4. CI System & Software Engineering Plan
  5. Day in the Life of a Science User - a Concept Of Operations
  6. Life Cycle of an Instrument - a Concept of Operations
  7. Modeling Requirements Workshop Report - Mid Atlantic Bight IOOS Modeling Group
  8. CI User & System Requirements + the collection of source requirements gathered from existing observatory efforts
  9. CI Design - DoDAF Views
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